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Lundeto, Adri and Dachrud, Musdalifah (2012) PESANTREN DI SULAWESI UTARA : ANALISIS KRITIS SISTEM PENDIDIKANNYA. In: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XII, 5 – 8 November 2012, Surabaya – Indonesia.

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Islamic Boarding School is a qualified educational institution in bearing educated generation who are both intellectual and religious since it is sustained by characteristic educational system applied in it. The characteristic implied in its educational system application in both institutional and organizational aspects, leadership, curriculum, educator, and learner. This research aims at finding out the description about the existence and the implement of Islamic Boarding School educational system in North Sulawesi, support and obstacle factors of Islamic Boarding School educational system and alternative solution to anticipate the obstacle factor of Islamic Boarding School educational system which in turn figuring out the solution of obstacle factor of Islamic Boarding School educational system in North Sulawesi.This research is a field research which is qualitative descriptive in nature taken place at four Islamic Boarding School in North Sulawesi namely; Pesantren Lem-baga Pendidikan Islam Pondok Karya Pembangunan Manado, Pesantren Alkhairaat Bintauna, Pesantren Hidayatullah Bitung, dan Pesantren Assalam Manado. The data is collected through field observation at the prior then by semi structural interview. Another data is collected through documentation photo by the researcher and theoretical frame work is collected through library research. The data collection is followed by writing, editing, classifying, reduction and presenting the data to be analyzed. The data analysis toward finding result is done by using normative theological approach, pedagogical approach, sociological and historical approach. The research finding related to Islamic Boarding School educational system in North Sulawesi regards to the following: first, Islamic Boarding School in North Sulawesi is a system based namely collective leadership; second, supporting factor consists of public support, government support, and alumni support. Obstacles factors consist of institutional and organizational aspects which based on system, leadership aspect characterized by laisses faire, adaptive curriculum aspect, educator aspect who are mostly from public not Islamic Boarding School as their educational background,learner aspect who mostly live outside of school; third, the solution to solve obstacle factor in Islamic Boarding School educational system in North Sulawesi is through ordering and structuring Islamic Boarding School management well, forming of leader cadres, formulating Islamic Boarding School curriculum to be a characteristic in Islamic Boarding School,Improving educator quality, seeking for facility and equal program in order that the learners are attracted to stay in the school. This research finding implied to some components related to Islamic boarding school educational system in North Sulawesi namely: first, organizational and institutional aspects which will have to rearrange its organizational management to be better to enable to produce qualified output; second, leadership aspect which has to think of leader cadres regeneration in order that Islamic Boarding School Institution could keep running well; third, curriculum aspect, will have to be rearranged well as soon as possible to be able to reflect preeminent Islamic Boarding School characteristics; fourth, educator aspect, tried to be always improved their quality in any aspects to support teaching and learning process at the school, including trying to stay with the learner at the school; fifth, learner aspect which always develop their whole potential either physical or psychological as main grade both in worldly life and hereafter.


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