Ziaulhaq, Ziaulhaq (2012) TEOLOGI HUMANIS BASIS TITIK TEMU MESRA AGAMA-AGAMA. In: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XII, 5 – 8 November 2012, Surabaya – Indonesia.

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Traditionally all religions situate discourses on God as the first and foremost doctrinal foundation. Religion was deemed to be bestowed upon human by God to guide them in the straight path, prevent them from from going astray, and realize that their existence is due to the will of God. This theological focus brought with it seemingly unfortunate consequence as it has often given rise to religious atttitude concentrated on efforts of merely seeking the pleasure of God. It has also tended to ignore ‘things’ other than God. It must be realized that God Himself bestow religion for the benefit of humankind, the appreciation of humanitarian values being a key aspect. Such a theological focus has often been justified for violent actions undertaken in the name of God while sacrificing humanitarian values. A ritualistic and formalistic religious worldview has often turned its adherents to act as gods themselves as their words and actions were considered final without the possibility of negotiation or dialogue. Religion in Indonesia for the past several years have shown a radical and frightening ‘face’ due to violence perpetrated in its name, a worrying sign for religious experience in Indonesia. Religious violence is almost always based on a purely theocentric approach in theology. This papers uses content analysis methodology with a critical socio-theological approach. A socio-theological approach is chosen as most religious issues are discussed in an either-or mode: purely theological or purely sociological. A more human oriented theology is needed to obtain a perspective of religion relevant to community diversity and humanitarian values. This paper offered a humanist Islamic theology as a solution to the above problems. Such theology is able to develop a peaceful intra/inter-religiousity, preventing prejudices between people holding the same or different religion. Humanitarian values is put first above all. Religious texts should be interpreted in light of these values. Any values destructive to humans are believed not to have originated from religion. Humanist theology is in opposition to conventional theology deemed to be held hostage to the idea of God without consideration of humanitarian values. Humanity as a focus of religiousity will enable human to appreciate fellow humans appropriately. Any peacebuilding process will be greatly assisted by this focus. Humanist theology will realize a peaceful religiousity, preventing any authoritarian intepretation of religion. A proper admission of plurality is the foundation of humanist theology.

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