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Rohmadi, Syamsul Huda (2012) KURIKULUM BERBASIS INKLUSI DI MADRASAH : LANDASAN TEORI DAN DESAIN PEMBELAJARAN PRESPEKTIF ISLAM. In: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XII, 5 – 8 November 2012, Surabaya – Indonesia.

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Every individual is unique, individual differences is one aspect that gained attention in the field of education, particularly the speed and rhythm of development. So the man is seen as being bhineka (individual differences), deficiency or superiority is a form of human diversity. This view suggests that the differences in the students into groups of normal and abnormal, smart and stupid to be irrelevant, this is where the need for effective learning in accordance with the needs of students.Learning can be effective if teachers understand the diversity of learners and implement learning not only based on the haracteristics of learners of a general nature but also pay attention to the characteristics of learners who have special needs that exist in the class. If learners have differences with each other, then use the same curriculum as the same may be said of learning as a learning system that is not fair. A study is said to be fair to all students acquire the learning services that meet their individual needs. Education appropriate to give attention to the needs of learners. Thus students not only develop intellectually, but also aspects of the affective, conative, and social. Because learning is not just limited to the intellectual aspects but also aspects of feelings, attention, skill, and creativity. It is therefore important for teachers to have an awareness of diversity learners at school, this is where the need for an appropriate curriculum with children with special needs. The concept of the curriculum there are three Sukmadinata (2004), the curriculum as a substance, the curriculum as a system, and the curriculum as a field of study. Curriculum as a substance, a curriculum is seen as a learning plan for students in school, or a set of objectives to be achieved. Curriculum as a system is part of the school system, education system, and even social systems. Curriculum as a field of study, more emphasis on curriculum as an object of science, namely the field of curriculum studies. Education is the process between humans as individuals and as social, in this context that humans have the ability of the interests, talents, strengths and weaknesses, in terms of Children with Special Needs (ABK) is a child who had a significant abnormality / aberration (physical, intellectual ,social, emotional, and / or sensory neurological) in the process of growth / development compared with other children his age (normal children) so they require special education services. There are several reasons the madrassah need for strengthening the program of inclusion, first, a theology of revelation, every child has the fundamental right to education, and should be given the opportunity to achieve and maintain a reasonable level of knowledge. Second, every child has the characteristics, interests, abilities and learning needs are different. Third, the education system should be designed taking into account the diversity of characteristics and needs. Fourth, those with special needs have access to regular schools which accommodate within the framework of child-centered pedagogy to meet its uniqueness. Fifth, the orientation of the regular school is the most effective tool for combating discriminatory attitudes, creating welcoming communities, building an inclusive society and achieving education for all. So how the theory and design-based learning curriculum at the school Inclusion in the Islamic perspective?


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