The types of teacher’s questions in english teaching-learning process at MAN Mojokerto

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Andana, Yona (2018) The types of teacher’s questions in english teaching-learning process at MAN Mojokerto. Undergraduate thesis, UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

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Questioning is one of the significant way to help teacher gain some information from students. By using question, teacher can monitor and control students’ focus during teaching-learning process. This research deals with teacher’s types of questions and his/her reaction towards students’ responses in a senior high school English classroom. So, this research aimed to examine teacher’s types of questions that are commonly used in classroom and teacher’s reaction towards students’ responses. Richard and Lockhart categorized types of questions into three types which are procedural, convergent and divergent questions. There are two theory that were used by the researcher for classifying teacher’s reactions towards students’ responses. The researcher used Chaudron theory to classify teacher’s reaction towards students’ incorrect answer and Clark & Star theory to classify teacher’s reaction towards students’ correct answer. This research was conducted at MAN Mojokerto, especially in 11th grade of Excellent Class. The research was carried out by observing (video recording) both teacher and students and interviewing the teacher. The research was conducted in two months. The findings indicate that convergent questions were the commonly used by the teacher (60%) than procedural (13,3%) and divergent (26,7%) questions. The teacher was commonly used convergent questions for encouraging students to answer based on the material. Then, for teacher’s reaction towards students’ responses, when there is student answers the teacher’s question correctly, the reactions that are commonly did by the teacher are rewarding and encouraging another student to give another answer. While for teacher’s reaction towards students’ incorrect answer, the teacher usually gave students more time to think the answer and using native language to make the students understand the questions clearly. This research is useful for both teacher and students in English language classroom. Questioning and answering session can train students to speak English even though it is only short statement. It is also useful for teacher to think of appropriate questions and think about the function of the questions, so, when teacher pose one question, it can be developed into some other questions that engage students to speak using target language.


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