The concept of jilbab in Quran: comparative study between Hamka and Quraish Shihab

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Laili, Indatul (2010) The concept of jilbab in Quran: comparative study between Hamka and Quraish Shihab. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

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Jilbab is the dress code of Islamic Women that determined by al-Quran and al- Sunnah clearly. Al-Quran said it in Surah al-Ahzab verse 59 and Surah an-Nur verse 31. It also narrated by some of Prophet Muhammad wives. One of them is Aisyah. She narrated: “The wife of Rifa'a al-Ourazi came to Allah's Messenger while I was sitting...and she was showing the fringe of her jilbab”. The divine wisdom for instructing women to wear the jilbab mentioned in the above verse is so that women be modestly attired and not be subject to the irreverent insults of the unscrupulous. It differentiates independent women and jahiliyyah women or slaves. But, in other case the Islamic Scholars have different opinion about jilbab instruction to understand and to practice in daily life. This difference actually happened among scholars expert in quranic exegesis since first generation after Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) up this time. It also happened among Indonesian interpreters of quranic verses likely Hamka who wrote tafsir al-Azhar and Quraish Shihab who wrote tafsir al-Misbah. Both are reputable expert in quranic exegesis. Hamka said that jilbab is instruction of Allah swt to wives of prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his daughters, and women of believers. Jilbab shows high polite and modesty of women, it is an outer garment that cover whole body of women and close the genital and the shape of body. But Quran not determine clearly how is the mode of jilbab. So that is depending on the time and place where they live. The important one, women wear polite dresses that cover entire body except face and two hands. In spite of Quraish Shihab said that the Surah al-Ahzab verse 59 not order women to wear jilbab. It is khilafiyyah (different) problem, because Islamic scholars have different interpretation. Jilbab is just advices for women, the important one the women must to wear polite dress. But how is polite dress, he did not show it well and clearly.


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Item Type: Thesis (Undergraduate)
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Uncontrolled Keywords: Jilbab; al-Quran; Hamka; Quraish Shihab
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